Enhanced Strength – Primobolan, like other DHT derivatives, significantly increases strength. This allows you to perform harder workouts and thus makes it easier to build muscle mass.

Muscle Gains – With Methenolone, you won’t see a dramatic increase in muscle mass as you would with testosterone, Dianabol, or other “wet steroids.” Primo increases weight gradually, but the weight gained is of much better quality and remains at almost 100% after the cycle.

Fat Loss – Primobolan itself does not actually speed up fat loss, but it is very helpful in weight loss. It retains most of the recruited muscles and increases strength. Due to being a derivative of DHT, it also achieves the dry, aesthetic body seen in models.

Increased Libido – Even though a very small percentage of primo binds to androgen receptors, the binding strength is very strong. This leads, among other things, to an increase in libido. However, this effect is not as strong as in the case of highly androgenic steroids such as hormone de croissance vente libre.
In some cases, methenolone can reduce sexual desire – this is due to the fact that it has a slight antiestrogenic effect. For this reason, it should be used in combination with steroids that convert to estrogen.

Better Mood – Methenolone is known to improve mood. It is not as strong as Dianabol, but definitely noticeable. It increases self-confidence and decision-making skills, as well as the amount of energy during the days and during training.

Primobolan and hair loss

Even though Primobolan is a 1st test derivative, it is safe for hair and can be used by people with hair loss problems. Of course, as with every steroid, there is a risk of accelerated hair loss, but this is minimal.

Unfortunately, the big problem is that Primobolan, due to its very high cost, is one of the most frequently counterfeited steroids. Very often, masteron is actually sold instead of primo, which greatly accelerates hair loss. For this reason, Primo should only be purchased from trusted sources.

solo Primobolan

Using Primobolan alone is a bad idea. Methenolone does not aromatize and is even a weak AI, which means that you will have problems with too low estradiol levels after a few weeks. It is also a rather weak androgen, so although it often increases libido when combined with other substances, a strong decrease can be expected in this case.

Primo should always be used (except at very low doses in women) in combination with another estradiol producing steroid such as testosterone, dbol or nandrolone.

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