It’s Finally Happened! Naturopathic Services Are Now Exempt from GST/HST

It's Happened!  Naturopathic Services are now Exempt from GST/HST

It’s Finally Happened! Naturopathic Services Are Now Exempt from GST/HST!

Thumbs Up to No GSTWe are very happy to advise patients that as a result of this week’s federal budget, naturopathic doctors will at be added to the list of health care professionals whose services are exempt from the GST/HST under the Excise Tax Act.  As a result, patients will no longer be required to pay GST/HST for the services they receive from a naturopath.

The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) has placed concentrated efforts this past year on demonstrating the positive impact exempting the GST/HST will have on Canadians seeking a more proactive, naturopathic approach to health and we are pleased to see the government’s recognition of that in the budget.

GST/HST will still be applied to products and supplements that are purchased at a naturopathic clinic.

You can read the press release from CAND here:

We at The Natural Path are very pleased with this news, as this will provide greater access for patients who are looking for an individualized, whole person approach to prevent and treat health issues.  Removing taxes on services provided by naturopathic doctors will  help remove the barriers to such options for patients.

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